The Other Suburbanites

An exciting story about a suburban possum, in the context of the suburban possum world.

The book is essentially the story of Snoopy, a weak, disabled, female baby possum. Snoopy survived, and grew up to be very much a possum, but her early problems left her too weak to defend her territory. She solved the problem by making my house her core territory and nest, and using human objects for possum purposes, furniture instead of trees and so on. She was courted by Sextus, and produced a daughter, Kylie, but Sextus never reappeared. Then,

“Erik…introduced himself by the simple process of marching in the study window one night while I was working at my desk with the light on. He came straight across to me and started chest-rubbing and climbing my legs. He said, ‘Nif, nif, nif. Where’s da bread and where’s da wimmin?’ In that order. Always in that order. I said, ‘Nyaaaaaah!’ and shot up on top of the chair.”

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